German activist speaks out against Yelena Mizulina

German activist speaks out against Yelena Mizulina

Wanja Kilber, a gay activist from german-russian LGBT group Quarteera, has used a speech from Yelena Mizulina in Leipzig last Saturday to protest her homophobic stance.

Kilber went to the stage – with artificial blood on his hands and a rainbow flag – and shouted in Russian and German: “Mizulina has the blood of young gays, lesbians and transsexuals on her hands”. He was then removed by security, whilst the unshaken author of the russian law against “gay propaganda” continued her speech.

Wanja Kilber

Wanja Kilber, Photo: Norbert Blech

Mizulina had visited the conference by right-wing magazine “Compact” together with other homophobes from Russia and France. Speakers included Beatrice Bourges, who radicalized the french movement against gay marriage.

Several protest groups, including anti-fascist and LGBT organizations, tried to disrupt the event. Mizulina, who was escorted by several russian media outlets, stated that she was attacked and kicked by one activist when entering the conference building. Unlike Kilber’s protest this was featured heavily in russian media.

LGBT groups also held a kiss-in-event in the town centre of Leipzig and a conference on gay rights.

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