Author of “gay propaganda” law to speak in Germany

Author of “gay propaganda” law to speak in Germany

Yelena Mizulina (Wiki Commons, Dmitry Rozhkov, cc by-sa 3.0)

Yelena Mizulina (Dmitry Rozhkov, cc by-sa 3.0)

Yelena Mizulina, author of the nationwide law against “gay propaganda” in Russia, is set to join other anti-gay campaigners from Russia and France at a conference in Leipzig, Germany this Saturday.

The Conference, titled “For the Future of the Family”, is organized by right-wing conspiracy magazine Compact in cooperation with the french-russian think tank Institut de la Démocratie et de la Coopération based in Moscow, Paris and New York. It already held a congress with Mizulina in France and supported the national movement against gay marriage, Manif pour touts.

Béatrice Bourges, one of the most influential spokespersons of the “Manif”-movement, who later got thrown out of the group because of her violent rhetoric, is also set to speak in Germany amongst other anti-gay and islamophobic speakers.

Several groups have planned protests against the congress, there has also been a petition to deny Misulina entry to Germany. has so far been denied press accreditation for the congress.

Whilst Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has so far denied calls for marriage equality and full adoption right for gay couples, a stance likely to stay in place in the upcoming “grand coalition” between Merkel’s Conservatives and the Social Democrats, the majority of Germans supports LGBT equality. Some activists fear that the congress in Leipzig might be the beginning of a backlash.

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