Photos: Gay pride in miniature format

Photos: Gay pride in miniature format

Germany’s obsession with model railways has led to a spectacular exhibition on LGBT rights.


German artist Detlef Lehmann created six scenarios featuring gay prides on a 1:87 scale. It all starts in New York with the Stonewall riots.


Since then a lot has changed, as a look at today’s San Francisco pride shows.


The exhibition is called “CSD around the world”, CSD being the short form for “Christopher Street Day”, which is the common name for LGBT prides in Germany. One of the biggest CSDs in Germany can be found in Cologne. The city features a big and diverse LGBT scene with many social groups.


Close to Lehmanns hometown of Krefeld lies Wuppertal with its iconic suspension railway. LGBT prides and festivals are also important in smaller cities.


While gay prides might be common in the United States or Germany LGBT in other countries are still struggling. Lehmann features Moscow’s first pride.


As final installment the artist has created a fictional LGBT pride in Beijing.


The six dioramas were shown on several gay pride events in Germany over the summer. For future exhibitions, the artist can be contacted via email to our editorial staff. The artwork is not for sale.

“Miniatur Wunderland” features LGBT as well

Model railways are quite a hobby in Germany. This has led to the creation of the Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, the largest attraction of its kind in the world featuring trains, people and whole cities on over 1,150 m2 (12,378 sq ft).

The attention to detail makes this fun to explore. Gays and lesbians are also featured as part of every day life, for example in the scandinavian section a lesbian couple gets married in a church.


With the nationwide elections coming up the Miniatur Wunderland had given political parties the oppurtunity to remodel their visions on a small scale. Apart from the ruling conservatives all other parties included gays and lesbians, with the social democrats also featuring a gay wedding.



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