Berlin: Thousands protest russian anti-gay law

Berlin: Thousands protest russian anti-gay law

enough-is-enough-lsvdlOver 5.000 protesters marched through the streets of Berlin on Saturday demanding an end to the russian law that bans gay “propaganda”. Protesters walked several kilometres through Berlin city centre to the Russian embassy, where speeches were held.

The protest titled “Enough is enough” was organized by a group of friends and found huge support from Berlin’s gay scene and politicians. It was the biggest LGBT protest outside pride festivities for years.

Openly gay Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit on Friday had written a letter to his Moscow counterpart Sergey Sobyanin demanding an end to an atmosphere that created fear instead of tolerance. Berlin and Moscow are twinned.

Next Sunday people in Berlin and some other german citys will join in the global protest “To Russia with love“, with kiss-in protests planned in front of russian embassys and consulates.

Photo: LSVD

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